All original except the power cord was changed to a 3-prong. There are no holes drilled under the sticker residue on the back panel. Letter E is the last digit of the serial number. Evh van halen brown sound super lead super bass super tremelo super pa plexi friedman old marshall vintage marshall 50 watt head Marshall 50w head
Amazing guitar for the money. Has a Dimario PAF in the neck snd a Titan in the bridge. Low B tuner has been professionally drilled wider to accommodate larger gauge strings I had a .82 in there for some time. Input jack is a little funny, once in a while itll be silent or low output when you first plug in but if you rotate the cable its perfect. It will stay in place so you dont have to worry a...
8 Unit Gandorf RackHas Holes drilled into bottom for wheelsBut does need new wheelsIn good condition$35 obo