I m new to the area and looking for a roommate. I am easy going but very clean, responsible, and respectful and looking for someone with the same qualities. I work from home and would like to get a cat or dog. For fun I like to go to the beach, hike, yoga, workout, cook, skateboard, and travel.
I'm very friendly, outgoing, and chill. Not much stresses me out or gets to me. I'm currently enrolled in a doctoral program and will be finishing my degree in LA. I live in Atlanta but looking to move to LA on the last weekend in July. I plan to continue working as a psychometrist as well. Anything else you'd like to know, feel free to message me!
I ve been a bartender for years, starting to get start up jobs in the radio and entertainment industry. I love working with people so prefer jobs where I m interacting with others. I m laid back with a twist of ocd, nobody like a a mess. I love having fun, work hard play hard !
I am a professional dancer looking for a place to stay. I am very outgoing, friendly, and a hustler. I will always be busy working on my craft and i will be paying my part of the end. I m looking forward to meet anyone who s willing to work with me.
Hello, I m a performer looking for a room in LA. I m a pretty laid back person. I will be in my practice room most of the day. I like to have my place clean specially the bathroom. Any questions please feel free to ask me.
I am currently a senior pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Political Science. I am looking to find temporary housing for the fall before I accept an internship in NY. I am quiet, neat, and looking for someone who has similar qualities.
I m a simple girl looking for a female roomate my condo is studio concept & looking to share my room will be blocked off so the roomate can have extra privacy. I get along easily no drama.
I m very down to earth and as positive and optimistic as they come! Love working and pursuing my passion towards making my dreams come true.
Just graduated from Duke University, originally from Miami, FL, and moving to LA in September for a full time job in DTLA. I m pretty quiet during the weekdays because I have to be up early for work, but I like to have fun on the weekends! I don t know many people in LA yet so I d like to find a roommate I can be friends with.
I'm a creative who loves Jesus, being free spirited, working out, learning to love myself, learning to grow, & looking to start anew in a completely different atmosphere and environment. Looking forward to all the possibilities.
I've recently moved to Tehachapi from Dallas thinking that I'd be in LA within the next couple of months, but I've very recently received news that I'll be able to play ball at Fullerton College starting on the 8th. I'm extremely hard working, clean, and motivated. I'd love to meet with someone if they'd like to fill me out a little better!
I am very clean. Pretty quiet, but do like to have friends over occasionally- my friends are my age, very respectful and most of them are married with kids- meaning no late nights :) I have a 19 lb corgi-pomeranian mix, who I take to work with me most days. I work full time and am also in school part time, earning a masters degree
I m in the process of moving to California to work in the film industry. I m well mannered and I enjoy cooking as a pastime.
I'm new to the LA area and in the beginning stages of my career. I do currently have a full time job but I'm always looking for bigger and better opportunities. I'm pretty career driven and it's the reason that I moved out here in the first place. That being said I dont currently have much of a social life I only know a handful of people out here. I'd love to become friends with my future roomm...
Hi my name is Zo and I will be getting my associates degree at Santa Monica College with plans to later transfer to UCLA for theatre, telivision and film. I am 18 years old from the Chicagoland area. I like to go to concerts, sight see, and have a good time. you can text me at 2198056482, email me at zoeairelle@yahoo.com, and insta message me at zoeairelle
I'm an engineer moving to the Seal Beach area for a new job, so I will be looking for a place near there. I'm looking for a roommate so that I save some money on rent, and I would like someone who is familiar with the area and would be willing to show me around! I don't know anyone there so having someone to go out and do things with would be really great. I'm into hiking and camping, going to ...
I'm a Los Angeles native who just graduated college and is pursuing a career in the music industry. Willing to show you around town a bit if you're new to LA like I know so many are. I'm a pretty social person and almost always down for a night out or a concert. Personally, I'm agnostic and not very spiritual, but I don't mind if you are. I've been vegetarian a majority of my life and don't smo...